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Expat Assist offers expatriate families and companies that relocate their expatriate staff quality services at international standards, with a personal, Ugandan touch.

Relocation Services

We assist expats, organizations and companies who employ expats with relocation, housing, schooling, and immigration documentation in Uganda.

Immigration Services

We assist in applying for all the necessary visas and permits, such as special passes, work permits, student passes and dependents passes.

Business Services

We assist companies from abroad in setting up their business or NGO in Uganda. These services can be customized to fit your business, in the best way possible.

Expat Assist is the first company in Uganda specializing in all relocation, immigration and business services that offers a wide range of assistance, in the form of customised packages.

Relocation Service packages offered are grouped as pre-arrival solutions and departure solutions. These include housing arrangements, importation/ exportation of belongings and pets, schooling, banking, advice on staffing and transport arrangements.

Linked to the relocation services are our immigration services, which we extend to those coming and leaving Uganda, but also to those that already stay here.

Besides these relocation services, we offer business services, which include advise on and handling of company registration, NGO registration and sorting many related topics to get you up and running fast, while meeting all legal and financial requirements.

We believe that Uganda has to offer a life’s-worth of experiences, and therefore our aim is to make your stay in this amazing country as easy as possible.