Most foreigners coming to Uganda, whether for employment or to do business, will need a valid visa to enter and stay in the country. The type of visa or permit needed will depend on each individual’s situation and in some cases, such as for diplomats, the employer has to process the permit. When employing expatriate staff, there are always immigration and visa obligations which may put pressure on the HR department and our knowledge of the immigration system can make this process easier for your staff.

For individuals and companies that need assistance, Expat Assist offers services ranging from one-off immigration advice to management of all of your immigration needs while living and working in Uganda. Our immigration services start with an assessment of your situation and we will advise you on how to best prepare for the application process.

This preparation preferably starts before arrival in Uganda, because after determining what class of permit is applicable, we will determine what documents are required from your home country, and what other certificates or approvals are needed to start the application. We will create a personal plan with you to make sure that the processing time of your permit will be as short as possible.

Most importantly, we will ensure full compliancy with regulations at every step, we well as taking a proactive approach to monitoring the process, meaning that there will be no surprises for you, your organisation or for your employee further down the line.

Obtaining Visas and Permit

We will assist in applying for all the necessary visas and permits, such as work permits, or if the employee is moving with their family, we can also take care of student passes and dependency passes. We will advise on the preparation of required documentation, with the aim to make the process as easy and trouble free as possible.

Since each work permit is applied for under an organisational code, we will work closely with you to prepare all the necessary forms and supporting documentation for their permit.

We will take care of the following for you when applying for your visas and permits:

  • Registration of the company with immigration (organizational code)
  • Preparation of the applicant documentation
  • Application for any professional certificates, NGO board approval, approval/letters or other documentation from Ministries or other governmental institutions, where applicable
  • Application to immigration online and submission of digital files
  • Processing of payment of permits and security bonds on your behalf
  • Tracking and tracing of the application process, and providing you with pro-active updates
  • Submission of the passports at immigration offices
  • Document collection from immigration
  • Delivery of the permits and relevant documents, including deposit slip

On top of permit and visa applications, Expat Assist processes permit and pass extensions and renewals. We also process work permit cancellations, including claiming back of any security bonds that were paid to immigration.

In all immigration matters Expat Assist will follow the official immigration procedures in a highly efficient and professional way. We will create a complete client file for you, which will be kept up-to-date at all times and will include all of the documents that you may need in the future. This file will be handed over to you both as a digital copy and a hard copy with the original documents at the end of the process. Upon request, we will keep a back-up copy.

Long-term Immigration Management

Once your initial visas and permits have been obtained, and you are enjoying your stay in Uganda, it’s important to bear in mind that visas and permits expire after the initial requested period, and therefore you may need to apply for extensions. In order to avoid unnecessary last-minute stress over expired permits or visas, Expat Assist can help you to keep track of your permits and passes’ expiry dates and manage the timely application of extensions, renewals and cancellations.